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Why Should I Buy A Beach Tote?

Have you ever got to the beach, just to find that your new beach tote has been covered in the sand within only a few minutes? This is a common problem that many of us experience year in, and year out. No matter how careful you are, your bag seems to end up sandy and wet! Luckily for us, this year has been the best year so far for beach totes. There has been an increase in attention for them within the fashion industry, from cute-looking rope handle beach bag designs to water-resistant bags perfect for days out near the sea. Unlike many other totes on the market, beach totes are designed to look amazing and be practical. They come in a wide variety of designs and patterns, with a myriad of different bright colors to bring out unique looks. In addition to this, they are practical too making them perfect for your day at the beach.

Why Should I Buy A Beach Tote?

Now, we know what you’re thinking. ‘I already have a bag, why would I need a beach tote?’. In general beach totes are more practical than other bags at the beach, plus, you won’t have to spend hours cleaning them out following your trip! After all, finding sand in your bag 3 months after your trip is never fun. Here are the main reasons we think a beach tote is perfect for your day at the beach.

Large Storage Space

First of all, beach totes are designed for practicality. They are much larger than normal bags, allowing for extra storage. This means that you can store all of your towels, extra clothes, and anything else you need for the day all in one bag. With such easy access to everything, you won’t have to search 4 different bags just to find the sun cream!


Additionally, the bags themselves are also water-resistant. This is ideal if you are going to the beach with small children as you can go to the sea with them and bring your bag with you.

To further this, the included wet bag is also ideal for storing wet towels and clothes. There is nothing worse than getting home after a day at the beach, only to find that your wet towels have been left in your bag. Not only will your bag become damp, but it will smell too. With the wet bag that’s included with the beach tote, it will be easier to store your soiled or wet clothes separately from your dry belongings.


Beach totes are also eco-friendly and can be easily washed after your day out. Unlike many other bags, beach totes can be easily cleaned in a machine without the normal hassle involved in cleaning a bag.

Bag Your Beach Tote Today

For your opportunity to buy your very own beach tote please check out our site here for more information. Here you will find a wide variety of beach totes, as well as our favorite the Water Resistant Boho Beach Bag!

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